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color play During the summer of 2016, Cathy and Kevin Huser crossed paths with designer, Linda. The husband and wife duo shared a vision for the opening of a new center dedicated to using the power of the arts to help children evolve.


music and movement During the mid-90s, the Huser's center for music, known as Kindermusik, began in Cleveland homes, churches and community buildings. It explored a method of early childhood education through music and movement. The Huser's new vision was to evolve their business model into a special space for children to explore all of the arts under one roof. Their concept would include programs in art, music and dance to support children in as they developed into their school age years.


big dreams ahead Once the space was secured, Linda brought on designer, Dawn and they quickly began planning. Thoughtful considerations were given to how this commercial space would be transformed into a welcoming, fresh and fun playground for the arts. Sound was extremely important—furnishings needed to be comfortable, color and messaging needed to be inspiring. The space was designed to expand as the need for creative eduction continues.